2018 Swim Meet Schedule

SJST Meet Schedule 2018
(Please arrive at all swim meets 15 min prior to announced SJST warm-ups.)
 Wednesday, May 30  Time Trials (home)
Thursday, May 31 SJST Team Pictures (home)
 Sat, June 2 Monte Sano Invitational (away)
 Wednesday, June 6  Greenwyche (away)
Saturday, June 9 Tornado-Thon (swim-a-thon) (home)
 Wednesday, June 13  Blossomwood (home)
 Saturday, June 16  Candy Meet (7 am at Monte Sano)
 Wednesday, June 20  Sherwood (home)
 Saturday, June 23  Sherwood Invitational (away)
 Wednesday, June 27  Jones Valley (away)
 Tuesday, July 3  Mountain Springs (away)
 Sat and Sun, July 14-15  City Meet (All day both days)   Brahan Springs Park Natatorium